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The Classic Sharing Board


  1. For the Scotch Egg: Boil a medium egg for 6 and a half minutes, refresh in cold water and peel. Defrost the sausages, remove the skins and mix the sausage meat together with the black pudding, salt, pepper, sage and dried onion. Shape the mix into a patty and wrap around the egg. Panne in flour, milk and then breadcrumbs. Deep fry for 2 minutes and then bake for 14 minutes in an oven set at 200°C.
  2. Depending on the number of customers that are sharing the board, add an appropriate amount of scotch eggs, cheese, meats, pies, sausage rolls, slices of quiche and slices of pâté onto your board.
  3. Finally add your mustards, pickled red cabbage, pickle and gherkins in complementary dishes and bowls around the sharing board and a board of fresh miniguettes.