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Strawberry split, mint & lemon


  1. Warm both custard creams together gently on stove and bloom gelatine. Whisk egg yolks and sugar till well combined, add cream to eggs and cook till thickened, add gelatine, pass and set in mould.
  2. Warm panna cotta cream, milk and sugar. Bloom gelatine & dissolve in mixture. Add strawberry purée and mix till well combined. Cool and set on top of previous custard layer.
  3. Melt wafer butter and add all other ingredients, mix till well combined, chill to set.
  4. Julienne lemon zest, blanch and refresh. Juice lemon add caster sugar and zest, warm to make a light syrup. Remove from heat and add 4 mint leaves. Reserve and leave to cool.
  5. Using a round template, bake wafer till golden, use round cutter to neaten, set aside
  6. Cut strawberries and lightly dress with lemon and mint syrup.
  7. De-mould strawberry split, place cut strawberry and dried strawberry on top. Dust wafer with powder and garnish mousse.
  8. Dress plate with marinated strawberries, julienne lemon zest and picked mint leaves, send.