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Royal of Loch Duart Organic Scottish Salmon centred with Arbroath Smokies, Finnan Haddock and Madras Spices with a Spinach Timbale, Asparagus, Peas and Broad Beans, a Lemon Butter Sauce and Gingered Fish Essence

By David Auchie of South Lanarkshire College to celebrate Burns Night


  1. NB Each side of salmon yields 10-12 portions therefore 3 whole fish required!
  2. Scale each of the salmon. Remove the fins. Fillet each salmon and remove the pin bones. Trim the salmon by removing the tail and excess at the top of the fillet. Carefully remove flesh starting 3 cm from the top of the fish then cutting downward. Cut across to the belly and carefully remove. Reserve under refrigeration until required.
  3. Chop the shallots finely and sweat in butter. Add madras powder and cook out. Add cayenne, lemon juice and seasoning. Allow to cool.
  4. Warm the Arbroath Smokies in the hold o’ mat at 65oC for approximately 20 minutes. Remove the flesh from above the lateral line only as the lower flesh contains too may bones – this can be reserved for another dish. Dice the salmon belly from the royal and dice the Finnan haddock then place the fish in a large bowl. NB Only add the Smokies at the end as to preserve the natural segments.
  5. Fold in the herbs and the shallot mix and correct seasoning. Scale the filling at 260g per fish to avoid overfilling. Season the salmon fillets and then spoon the prepared filling along the ridge of the salmon sides. Roll each up very tightly in lots of cling film to completely envelop the filling – try to achieve a teardrop shape. Chill roulades thoroughly before slicing into portions for steaming. Lay portions onto lightly buttered non-stick 1/3 sided gastronome trays with 10 portions on each tray. Steam for approximately 6 ½ minutes to a core of 55oC at 100oC steam temperature.
  6. Pre-heat the steamer to 100oC.
  7. Brush the timbales heavily with softened butter.
  8. Place the garlic in a pan with the cream then bring to a simmer and allow to infuse.
  9. In a large pan prepare a beurre noisette then add the spinach and cook for 2 minutes. Spread out over a tray and allow to cool. Squeeze all of the excess moisture out of the spinach in a dry cloth and discard.
  10. Strain the cream to remove the garlic. Puree in a blender with the cream and eggs. Scrape down each batch after a minute or so to ensure the spinach is evenly blended. Give a further 1 minute to assure the mix is perfectly smooth. Season to taste.
  11. Place the moulds onto trays of 10 and fill ¾ (40mls) full. Cover with cling film and steam for approximately 35 minutes until lightly set. When cooked rest and cover in cling film.
  12. NB If cooking conventionally place into a Bain Marie of hot water - the water should come ¾ of the way up the timbale.
  13. Loosely cover each mould with buttered silicone discs and foil to prevent water penetration and cook for approximately 45-50 minutes – bear in mind convection ovens will be quicker 25-30 minutes!
  14. Blanch the vegetables in smaller batches in boiling salted water, refresh immediately in iced water then drain.
  15. Portion into disposable cups, season lightly and brush with melted butter. Rechauffe in the Electrolux/Combi steamer on the 2 minutes marker with the salmon!
  16. Dry roast the spices and allow to cool before adding the salt. Place all of the ingredients in a food processor. Blend to a stiff dough. Allow to rest. Pin out and then pass through a pasta machine form the largest to the 2nd finest. Pass through the fine spaghetti cutter and cut into lengths of approximately 6cm. Deep fry at 160oC until crisp. Drain on paper towel. Season whilst hot.
  17. Wash all of the fish bones in running cold water until the water is perfectly clear. Meanwhile trim, peel, wash and cut the vegetables into mirepoix. Sweat with the herbs without colour in the butter. Remove when cooked and drain over a colander. Place the residual liquid back into the pan and sweat the fish bones. Return the vegetables and the herbs. Deglaze with the wine and allow to cook out. Add the water, bring to the boil and allow to simmer for 20 minutes. Allow to settle then ladle from the top through a muslin. NB Allow to reduce by half for the fish sauce.
  18. Chop the shallots and the fennel finely. Sweat in 350g butter without colour – reserve the remaining 150g for ‘monter au beurre’! Add the spices and allow for aromates to be released. Allow to reduce by half through slow cooking. Add the alcohol and also reduce slowly by half. Add the cream and reduce by half. Strain and whilst hot infuse with the prepared ginger. NB The infusion of ginger to fish sauce is 20g ginger per 200 of sauce. Reheat the sauce and add the crème fraiche. If necessary thicken slightly with the arrowroot.
  19. Turn up the spinach timbale and drain the excess butter into a bowl. Place onto the plate at 2 o’clock. Spoon on the drained vegetables and napper with a little Hollandaise sauce. Top with the beer biscuits. Garnish with a sprig of chervil. Place on the steamed salmon Royal and spoon round the gingered fish sauce. Serve piping hot.