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Perthshire Pheasant, Jersey Royals Fondants, Celeriac, Kale, Port Jus, Bread Sauce

In Celebration of Jersey Royal Potato Season – a recipe by Shaune Hall of Falcon Foodservice


  1. For the Jersey Royals fondants: Wash, peel and dry potatoes. Cut into 8x cylinder shapes, 2x per potion. Smoothen the edges. In saucepan, lightly heat up oil, then add potatoes top down. Now add butter, stock and other ingredients. Bring to boil then turn down heat to a simmer. Cook till reduced by half, then carefully turn over the potatoes.
  2. Now place in oven and cook for a further 20 minutes at 170°C. Check occasionally and baste with cooking liquid. Add little hot water if cooking to dry or butter starts to caramelize. Take out when just before ready and rest in cooking juices till use or reheat
  3. For the pheasant: Season the pheasant crowns with salt and pepper. Heat a heavy based cast iron pan or griddle pan, then add oil. When hot, add pheasant crown, sealing one side (breast) then the other. Turn over to sit on its back, turn heat to low, wait a minute then add butter and herbs. Baste continuously to ensure the whole bird is well basted with all the cooking fats.
  4. Place into a moderate oven, 170°C and cook for 5 minutes. Take out, rest on wire rack 5 minutes, just before serving, remove breasts and add to warm pan. Baste with cooking fats and liquids left over from oven roasting. Ensure all other ingredients are hot. Adjust seasoning if needed, plate and serve.
  5. For the celeriac purée: Peel and rough dice celeriac, thinly slice shallot. Add to cold milk, season and then add hot water. Fold a cartouche and over very low heat cook till soft. Remove celeriac from liquid and place in blender. Add butter and heated double cream. Purée, pass through fine sieve and serve.
  6. For the kale: Wash, peel and cut 2 leaves into 8 rectangle shapes. Dry, then deep fry in preheated oil at 130°C till crispy. Drain and set aside till serving. Finely shred the remainder kale, including the stalks. Heat olive oil and butter in saucepan, add kale, then stock. Cover with lid and quickly bring to the boil, then drain. Season, dash with lemon juice, serve.
  7. For the jus: Sweat shallots and mushrooms, add thyme. Deglaze with whisky, then port and reduce. Add chicken and veal glace and boil, reducing by half. Then season, simmer till thickened.
  8. For the bread sauce: Infuse milk whilst heating with garlic, clove, leek and bay leaf. Cover for 5 minutes to draw all the flavour. Pass onto white bread pieces (crusts removed) and steep. Check seasoning. Lightly purée with hot cream and serve at once.