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Neapolitan Carbonara Pizza



 4 Doughballs

4 Country Range large egg yolks, beaten

12 whole basil leaves

360g low moisture Mozzarella cut into 10mm cubes

100g Scamorza cheese grated

6 slices of smoked pancetta cut in half (making 12 halves)

Olive oil

4 tbsp grated parmesan cheese

Country Range Black pepper

A few extra basil leaves for decoration



 Use the doughballs to make 4 x 10 inch pizza bases.

  1. Whilst you are doing that, preheat your grill on high and heat up over the highest possible heat until it is extremely hot.
  2. When the dough bases are ready put 1 into the frying pan, still on the heat, and then, avoiding the crust, drizzle approximately ¼ of the yolk in a spiral around the middle of the pizza base, then add 3 basil leaves, 90g of mozzarella, 25g of the scamorza and 3 of the half slices of pancetta. Then place a nice swirl of olive oil on top. You don’t want to hang around when doing this.
  3. Once the base has browned in approx 1-2 minutes (you will need to lift the side of the pizza up to see underneath with a spatula) take the frying pan off the heat and put it on the highest shelf under the grill.
  4. Once the crust is browned a little (approx 1-2 minutes again) take it out and put it straight on a plate or a board, then sprinkle 1 tbsp parmesan, a good grind of black pepper and a few of the other basil leaves.
  5. You can then start on the next but we recommend that you start eating straight away.