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Jelly Rainbow Pot

This is fun pot, full of colour and flavour. We used three different McDougall’s jellies; lime, strawberry, and orange, which we then topped with Angel Delight Banana Mousse.


  1. Bring the water to the boil. Add 200ml of boiling water to each of the jelly flavours and stir until it’s dissolved. Leave them to set. Once set, stir with a fork to break it up and reserve until needed.
  2. Pour the cold water into a mixing bowl fitted with a whisk. Add the Angel Delight Banana and whisk for 30 seconds on slow speed.
  3. Scrape down, increase speed to high, and allow to whisk for 5 minutes (do not over-whisk.)
  4. Using a spoon, divide the three different jellies between the pots so they are layered in the pot. Then top with the Angel Delight Banana and chill for one hour.