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Fillets of Lemon Sole with West Coast Langoustines and Spinach on a Shellfish Foam


  1. Trim off the fins from the sole using scissors. Fillet the sole and remove the skin. Bat out the fillets lightly.
  2. Use the bones to make a basic fish stock. Blanch a few leaves of the picked spinach and drain well.
  3. Season lightly with salt and a little nutmeg. Place the sliced smoked salmon and the spinach on top of each sole fillet and neatly roll up to form a paupiette.
  4. Secure with a cocktail stick and reserve. Shell the langoustines and remove the intestinal tract.
  5. Utilise the langoustine heads for the shellfish essence. Carefully shell the langoustines and secure with a cocktail stick to resemble a ‘comma’ then reserve.
  6. Butter a pan or ovenproof dish with 10g of the butter. Sprinkle with the finely chopped shallots. Lay the paupiettes on top. Cover with the warm fish stock.
  7. Poach under cover in a pre-heated oven at 175oC, Gas 5 for approximately 5-6 minutes.
  8. Strain the cooling liquid and add to the shellfish sauce to enhance the flavour. Allow to reduce.
  9. Pass through a fine mesh chinois and divide into 2 pans.
  10. Fold the whipped cream through half to aerate.
  11. Wilt the spinach and season with salt, pepper and a little nutmeg. Drain well and spoon onto a hot plate.
  12. Place 4 paupiettes onto the spinach base. Slice the remaining 4 in half and turn upwards to showcase the filling.
  13. Spoon on the shellfish sauce then the cream enriched sauce.
  14. Garnish with the crisp fleuron’s and sprigs of dill.