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Dysphagia Steak and Onion Steamed Pudding

Dysphagia Chef of the Year 2016 Finalist Recipe Suzanne Corless, Caterer at Heightside House, Rossendale


  1. Bake pastry according to the instructions on pack. Leave to cool.
  2. Blend the cooled pastry until fine.
  3. Add boiling water and stock to a pan and mix in the blended pastry until combined and forming a workable texture, pour out onto a cling filmed tray. Leave to set.
  4. Cook the steak and onion with stock and seasoning until tender.
  5. Allow the steak and onion mixture too cool and then blend. Thicken the mix with Bisto Gravy Granules and vegetarian gel (if required) so that the mixture is a firm texture but can also be pressed through a fork with no lumps.
  6. Line a tin and roast the carrots, parsnips and celeriac in olive oil and drizzle with honey. Cook until soft and slightly browned.
  7. Boil broccoli, drain, then thicken with vegetarian gel and blend to get a slightly thick texture.
  8. Blend the carrot and parsnips until smooth and add the vegetarian gel thickener.
  9. Mix the Smash with hot water and a knob of butter until a smooth texture is reached.
  10. Blend the celeriac and mix with Smash, ensuring there are no lumps.
  11. Make a thick, rich gravy using the Bisto Gravy Granules and add boiling water, mix until the gravy is completely smooth.
  12. Line a pudding tin with cling film and mould the blended pastry around the inside of the tin. Leave some spare to create a lid for the pie. In the open pastry add the steak mixture and then place the lid over the mixture.
  13. Cover the whole pie with cling film. Steam the pie for approximately 30 minutes or until the correct temperature is reached (82°C).
  14. Pipe the vegetables and Smash onto the plate. Put the pie in the middle of the plate, then pour over the Bisto gravy and it is ready to serve.