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Crab, trout and tomato torte, avocado, grapefruit and radish salad

By Garry Watson of Gordon’s Restaurant, one of Scotland’s best fine dining establishments


  1. Finely dice trout and pack in 2cm high into a greased 5cm ring mould. Combine crab with crème fraiche, dill and lime juice, season with salt. Pack a further 2cm high on top of trout. Season tomato and combine with rapeseed oil and place on top of crab, refrigerate until required.
  2. Half and remove flesh from avocado then stick blend until smooth with remaining ingredients For the citrus dressing 1 orange, segmented ½ lemon, segmented 5 ml runny honey 60 ml sunflower oil Stick blend all ingredients until smooth, strain through sieve, season and reserve For the salad 2 radish, thinly slice 4 orange segments mixed micro herbs
  3. Serve as pictured.