National Burger Day – 25th August

While the true origins of the first hamburger on a bun are hotly contested, it is believed that they first started to find their way into the hearts, minds and stomachs of US citizens following the St Louis World’s Fair in 1904, where other food innovations such as waffle ice cream, cotton candy and peanut butter were also creating a stir amongst discerning consumers.  

Over a hundred years since that St Louis World’s Fair and the burger train shows no sign of slowing down. National Burger Day now runs annually on the Thursday before the August Bank Holiday and this year it will take place on the 25th August, so flex your burger muscles and make it an occasion to remember!

Bread Start

The wrong carrier for your burger can mean disaster so don’t skimp on quality. Our Country Brioche Buns are bang on-trend, offer maximum flavour and come pre-sliced for a quick and easy serve. For those looking to mix it up this burger day, make some rolls from scratch using our never fail bread mixes.

“We also use the Country Range White Bread and Roll Mix to bake our own bread”. – Hotel, Exmoor

Patty Power

The beef patty generally rules supreme and our Country Range Steak Gourmet Burgers offer unbeatable taste and value, but National Burger Day presents the perfect platform to be inventive and run specials. Whether it’s beef, pork, chicken, game or a plant-based option, don’t be scared to make your own from scratch and play around with our spices and seasonings. This spicy Bengal Chicken burger recipe is guaranteed to raise the temperatures this August.  

Burgers of the world

With many people missing out on world travel these past few years, why not give your burger offering a global twist. Add some chorizo for a Spanish feel, Parma ham for Italian, beetroot and avocado for an Australian version or even kimchi for a Korean-themed burger.    

Super Salad

Providing freshness, crunch and texture, salad is crucial for the all-round burger eating experience.  Forget limp lettuce and pale tomatoes, liven things up with the best of the fresh and add our dressings for maximum taste. 

Get Saucy

The right sauce can pay burger dividends. Our Country Range tomato ketchup, barbecue sauce, burger relish, mustards and mayos have your burger menu well and truly smothered. 

“For me it has to be the BBQ sauce, well flavoured and coats everything perfectly” – Stephen Drummond, Head Chef, Daresbury Park Hotel

Not just a bit on the side

The burger experience isn’t complete without side dishes, so whether it’s our onion rings, macaroni cheese, sweetcorn, salad or something else, we have the finished products, ingredients and seasonings to make your sides the stars of the show. 

Don’t Be Fry Shy

Our trifecta of plate-of-the-art fries that were launched earlier this year just cannot be bettered. Ensuring chefs have a top-quality, full-flavoured, crunchy and consistent fry for all occasions, our premium fry trinity are great for National Burger Day, delivering an impeccable crispness and crunch.