Tetley Breakfast Recipes

It’s common knowledge that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and no less so for foodservice operators. £76million’s spent on eating out at breakfast on a daily basis, and a staggering 18% of all breakfast occasions out of home involve tea*. Add to this that the breakfast and brunch occasion now spans the morning and beyond, perfecting your menu offering guarantees a recipe for success.

So…whatever your sector, ensure you’re offering your customers something worth waking up for. Serve up quick and easy breakfast dishes and indulgent brunch options with serious profit opportunities that pair perfectly with a cuppa. After all, consumers are more likely to drink tea with breakfast than any other hot beverage.

Browse our recipes below for ideas and inspiration and download the Breakfast guide here for advice from our channel experts to elevate your breakfast and brunch offering.

*Garrahan 2015 / MCA ALLEGRA OOH TEA DATA JUNE 2016