Celebrating 180 years of Hospitality Action

Hospitality Action is celebrating its 180th birthday this year and the Country Range Group is giving this important charity a very special present – by making it our chosen charity, in this our silver jubilee year, for the year. Established in 1837, the year Queen Victoria came to the throne, Hospitality Action has been helping hospitality people for 180 years.

As the foodservice industry continues to grow, so do requests for their support and the charity has become an anchor within a fast-paced environment that is filled with people battling all kinds of issues.

But what exactly does Hospitality Action do?

They ensure no one is left to face difficult times alone, by providing:

• An Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) offering care and assistance 24/7

• Alcohol and drug awareness seminars for hospitality students

• A grants programme for financial help

• A retiree scheme, called Golden Friends, to combat loneliness in older age

What services can be accessed through the Hospitality Action EAP?

Personal issues and problems can have a major impact on the way people work. This can result in reduced performance, absence or lack of focus at work, and can become a significant cost to the business, not just in hours lost, but in lost productivity and an unbalanced working environment. Experience shows that many small problems if “nipped in the bud” can be prevented from escalating. Hospitality Action’s EAP service is a proactive, fully supported, totally confidential scheme that includes:

• Web chat and telephone help line, 24/7, 365 days a year

• Bespoke managerial reports, employee booklets, employer’s briefing document, posters and subscribers’ newsletter

• Managerial advice line

• Managed referrals

• Personal counselling – both telephone and face -to-face counselling

• Legal information and guidance

• Financial planning and debt advice

• Mediation

• Addiction support expert help with alcohol, drugs, gambling or other addiction issues

• Hardship grants – where our criteria are met

• Advice and help sheets topics include: Health & Wellbeing; Working Life; and Financial Matters

• Parenting Helpline – topics covered include: pregnancy and birth, single parenting, shared parenting, and teenage challenges

• Elder Care – support and advice on caring for an older relative • Whistleblowing service – a confidential service giving employees the opportunity to report any work-related concerns to an independent third party

• Critical Incident and Trauma Support

Make Hospitality Action your charity of the year Profit sector workers are being encouraged to make Hospitality Action their charity of the year – and raise vital funds for their contemporaries. Ideas for fundraising in the workplace include cake sales, fancy dress days or quiz nights – and these events will not only help to raise vital funds but boost morale too.

Lunch Box Day Hospitality Action is asking companies and employees to donate their lunch money to the charity on Friday September 22. There are two ways companies can get involved: 1) If lunch is a benefit for the team: ask them to bring in a packed lunch and donate the money normally spent on lunch to Hospitality Action 2) If lunch is not normally a benefit: treat them to lunch and ask the team to donate the money they would normally have spent Hospitality Action is also encouraging participants to tweet a photograph of their lunch using @HospAction and hashtag #SandwichSelfie.

Taking on a challenge Have you always wanted to sky dive or climb the three peaks? Make your wildest dreams a reality by being sponsored to take on a 10K run, a 100 mile bike ride or something even tougher. Or maybe you could put forward your own inventive fundraising ideas…

Gillian’s Story Gillian has worked in pubs from the age of 18. A popular landlady for a decade, when Gillian was diagnosed with cancer her world turned upside down. No longer able to work, Gillian instead faced daily courses of chemo and radiotherapy. The treatment left Gillian feeling ill and exhausted made worse by the hour’s drive each way to and from the hospital. It also brought back memories of her daughter Maxine’s cancer treatment who sadly passed away from the disease two years ago. Newly separated from her husband, Gillian was fraught with worry over how she would pay her mounting bills and turned to Hospitality Action for help. They were able to give Gillian a weekly grant to help towards her general living costs, greatly reducing her anxiety at this sensitive time.

To find out more about Hospitality Action please visit www.hospitality action.org.uk.